“Food is at the center of how I define family, culture, and heritage. Every recipe that’s been passed down from my grandmother, to my father, and now to me is alive, full of story, and rich in essence.”

Author of the cookbook, Son of a Southern Chef: Cook with Soul, and creator of the web series Soul Food Talks, Lazarus is a multi-artist and entrepreneur making a big stamp on his generation. Thousands of fans know Lazarus Lynch for his bold artistic sensibility, exciting take on soul food, and knockout fashion sense. Laz has always had Southern and Caribbean food on his mind and running through his veins; his mother is Guyanese, while his father was from Alabama and ran a popular soul food restaurant in Queens known for its Southern comfort favorites. He created “Son of a Southern Chef” on Instagram as a love letter to the family recipes and love of cooking he inherited.

He is a two-time Chopped champion and the host of Snapchat’s first-ever cooking show, Chopped U, and the Food Network digital series Comfort Nation. His website was a 2017 Saveur Blog Awards nominee. Lazarus has appeared on the Cooking Channel, BuzzFeed, Tastemade, NPR, and The Today Show.

Lazarus’ ability to connect with anyone of any background and experience telling stories about soul food on the Food Network original digital series, Comfort Nation, lends Lazarus an advantage in hosting this show. His curiosity in all things food and people, music and culture, and his ability to tell stories makes him an excellent host for this series. He lives in New York City, where he was raised.

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