Lindsay is the home cook, photographer, and voice behind The Toasted Pine Nut, and she’s on a mission to show her readers that healthy living is often easier than it looks. When her husband was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, she went through a series of trials and errors learning how to cook food that fit her husband’s low-glycemic dietary requirements and that she could enjoy too. She found the answer in whole foods and fresh, seasonal ingredients that were naturally gluten-free and didn’t require complex recipes or techniques to taste amazing. Now Lindsay enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, getting creative with ingredients to make dishes that are simple, yet full of flavor. On The Toasted Pine Nut, she equips readers with the knowledge and tricks that she’s learned—in the kitchen and beyond—to help them live and eat well everyday.

The Toasted Pine Nut is a destination for readers seeking simple and inspiring solutions to live and eat well everyday. Calling for fresh and colorful ingredients, the recipes found here prove that following a whole foods diet can be both simple and satisfying. Valuable advice, step-by-step tutorials, wellness ideas, and other resources also show readers how to do everything from making their own natural pantry items to substituting ingredients to finding clever and easy self-care opportunities in their day. Created for anyone who wants to eat well and feel their best, no matter their dietary challenges, The Toasted Pine Nut is all about helping readers find the joy, ease, and creativity in caring for themselves and their bodies.

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