“I’m thrilled that my love for food and cooking is being shared with thousands of people everyday.”

New Zealand born Jordan first experienced the elation of baking as a young girl visiting her grandparents in Paris. As she grew up, the kitchen became her domain and she taught herself how to bend the rules of traditional baking.

In 2010 in Auckland, New Zealand, she founded The Caker – a made-to-order cake business selling home-made style cakes that taste EVEN better than they look. Her strong sense of self and style of her own immediately set her apart in her arena – she was making cakes cool again. She became the go-to baker for the events she was already an invitee to – fashion events, art gallery openings and high-end parties.

The bakery pumping out hundreds of cakes a day wasn’t enough to fulfill Jordan’s desire to provide cakes to a wider audience, so she spent 4 years developing a line of luxury cake kits. She began to gain an international cult following and this success propelled her to move to Los Angeles in 2019, to expand The Caker and her own identity.

Jordan is a public figure transcending not only in the culinary space, but also the world of entrepreneurship, fashion and beauty. She is a prolific recipe writer and has five published recipe books under her belt. She has been a recipe contributor to countless publications, is a brand ambassador for a few big companies, has spoken at multiple events, done many TV interviews, ads and podcasts. Jordan has a passion for sharing her knowledge of her craft and has taught many baking masterclasses, both live and virtual. She was also a judge on ‘The Great Kiwi Bake Off Season 4’, which airs September 2022.

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