“I began cooking at a young age, but it was not until I was immersed in this business did I realize the power of hospitality and taking care of guests.”

Gavin Kaysen is the award-winning chef and founder of Soigné Hospitality Group in Minneapolis known for his nationally renowned restaurants and cafés in the Twin Cities as well as his leadership in the culinary profession. In October of 2022 Kaysen released his first cookbook, titled At Home, filled with approachable recipes to inspire novices and professionals alike. Chef Kaysen is passionate about mentorship and creating a more professional work environment for hospitalitarians and young culinary professionals. He is the proud recipient of two James Beard Awards—Rising Star Chef of the Year in 2008, and Best Chef: Midwest in 2018. He is the executive culinary producer for the 2022 reboot of “Iron Chef” on Netflix.

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