I used to be one of those people who stood in the meat department at the grocery store overwhelmed by the selection, so I decided to change all that.”

Jess Pryles is an expert meat scientist, live-fire cook, and author of Hardcore Carnivore. While Pryles’s core is imparting her deep knowledge and cooking prowess with all things meat, she is also devoted to using her talent and platform to educate and entertain in multiple diverse genres of food.

As a respected authority on Texas-style barbecue she also is a co-founder of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance, designed and releases the JP Signature Edition Pitts & Spitts smoker, created an internationally- acclaimed line of meat seasonings under the Hardcore Carnivore® brand and has partnered and been ambassador for numerous brands including Kingsford Charcoal, Lone Star Beef, Gerber Legendary Gear and Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

Jess has appeared as a celebrity judge on Channel 7’s Aussie Barbecue Heroes and is a regular on Food Network. She has contributed and appeared on The Today show and judged numerous worldwide BBQ competitions. Her expertise has been sought for guest speaking engagements at SXSW, Camp Brisket, National Barbecue & Grilling Association, Ducks Unlimited and American Meat Science Association conferences.

Jess has dedicated a majority of her professional life to educating herself on every aspect of the meat industry including butchery, varied cooking techniques, aging, as well as hands on visits to ranches, slaughterhouses, butcher shops across the country. She is an avid hunter as part of her dedication to the rite of a responsible meat eater. She has taught her own classes in the US, Australia, Mexico, Sweden & Brazil.

Touted as “the female Ron Swanson” by loyal followers, Pryles has pioneered a unique brand encompassing cookery, ‘meatducation’ and the Texan way of life, all while encouraging folks to cook meat like they mean it.

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