We love to celebrate the success of our clients. For our final blog on Men’s Health this June, we spoke to long-time client, Scott Feldman. Scott just turned 50 years old and is now in the best shape of his life.

Scott is the owner of Two Twelve Management, where he manages relationships for his individual and corporate clients that include prominent chefs and restaurateurs such as Michael Simon, Marc Murphy, and Geoffrey Zakarian. Geoffrey, a TS client himself, gifted Scott a 20 person training pack for Christmas about three years ago. “Geoffrey said that I make him too much money so he needs me around,” said Scott.

Being a talent manager in the hospitality business can put a lot of demands on ones body, especially as most of Scott’s business is conducted in restaurants or around food.

When Scott first started at TS, he weighed 179 pounds and has since lost almost 40 pounds through exercise and diet. “I am now in the best shape of my life at age 50. I recently saw a photo of myself at age 26 and I think I look even better today,” said Scott.

TS Fitness and its team of coaches help make Scott’s transformation possible.

“Noam has been there from the beginning and his guidance has been invaluable” said Scott. “Lee is there with me early in the morning, helping me grind out my workouts before the day begins.”

Depending on his schedule, Scott tries to get in at least 2 private sessions a week and a HIIT workout, too. If he is on the road, Scott finds himself leading his own workouts for himself and friends, something Scott would have never done years ago. As for diet, Scott has cut out white flour and sweets, allowing him to capitalize on his workouts and continue to maintain his weight loss. Outside of TS, Scott has completed a marathon and a few half marathons, raising money for various charities including Food Bank of New York and No Kid Hungry. Scott hopes to complete a triathlon soon.

In the spirit of Together Stronger, Scott has brought his own family into the TS community, too. His wife, Jodisue Rosen, is a regular at the gym. His son, Graydon, age 5, recently joined Scott for workout.

His transformation has impacted his business life, too. His clients now know the best place to find Scott for a quick meeting is the gym instead of a restaurant as it was common during his younger years. In the industry, Scott is known for rocking the three-piece suit.  “One of my favorite parts of this experience was getting to buy all new custom suits,” he said. “But I told the TS team that if they bulk me up too much and I have to buy another set of suits, Jodisue will not be happy,” said Scott.

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